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Pocket Parables

Pocket Parables is home to Inspirational films, family-friendly shows, Children’s programing, full length features, and uplifting entertainment.

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What is Pocket Parables? 

In 2008, Pocket Parables Media originated as an idea. By 2017, it had reached over 99 countries worldwide, achieved solely through the dedication of volunteers and a zero-dollar budget. Some of these original shows are still available on the channel and identifiable by the All-Volunteer Productions (AVP) logo.

Our offerings encompass inspirational lifestyle shows, dramas, animation, Christian sci-fi, faith-thrillers, and an array of inspirational content suitable for every member of the family.

In 2024, Pocket Parables Media became the parent company to the Pocket Parables Roku Channel alongside a slew of other brands such as Comfort and Peace Brands (home décor), Taste of Creation (gourmet foods), and Pocket Parables Kids, among others.

Your subscription to our Roku channel will be instrumental in fueling our expansion, enabling us to recruit talent, bolster our team, and fortify our network, while increasing our quality along the way.